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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Google Health is Live for Users

Google’s Google Health, the online bureau for all your medical records was opened to Google users this Monday. Using this service, you can track your health information from a number of pharmacies and healthcare institutions, which maintain online database of your medical history.

Using this service, you can

  1. Organize your health information all in one place
  2. Gather your medical records from doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies
  3. Keep your doctors up to date about your health
  4. Be more informed about important health issues

With Google Health, you can create and save your medical conditions, including your allergies, any symptoms you have, and medications you have undergone. And Google Health, once it gets hold of this information, can crosscheck your health data with the references and prescribe (like a doc) the best course of action to undergo. Also, you can add information on your spouse, your children, etc., and create separate profiles for them.

For your convenience, Google allows you to import your online medical records to Google Health. Google’s partnership with many medical institutions and pharmacies will help you get your medical profiles imported fast, easily, and securely to your Google Health profile. You can identify with the partner sites, with the respective username and password and confirm transfer of data to Google Health, that’s it!

The most attractive section on Google Health is the reference guide with all information on all diseases known to man, complete with symptoms, diagnostics, and treatment. It is a complete doctor’s reference for you. You can well be a health consultant if you go through this reference.

The data you submit to Google Health, your allergies, medications, and the treatments, all are checked within Google Health for potential complications and troubles, and it will alert you of your current state of health.

Google’s innovative search algorithm and their map application, which is the pioneer of online maps, are integrated to Google Health, and as a wonderful database, it has information on all major doctors across the US whom you can consult for your particular health problem. Using the search on the top, you can get to the best doctor around for your particular medical condition.

Google Health is still in beta and according to the user preferences and feedback, Google Health will see more innovations and additions in the coming days. They will, however, face tough competition from the other parties in the field, Microsoft HealthVault and Revolution Health from AOL. For now, all you need to do is get yourself to google.com/health and sign in with your already existing Google account.

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