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Friday, May 30, 2008

Technorati: Problems Continue

These days, whenever one opens Technorati, all one finds is the crap of Technorati monster! Their cage has rusted like anything to hold this imp that he escapes always. Time warrants cage redesign, Technorati, and keep the monster in custody. Let him not wander the Web like a mischievous child. Police your search engine with more people.

Technorati is the largest blog search indexer in the Internet, started by Dave Sifry. It indexes almost all blogs out there and gives (or kept giving) updates on them, including which other blogs linked into them (the authority count), which blogs have posts regarding them (the blog reactions), and who favorited them.

Also it kept ranking the blogs according to the popularity and link count of the blogs. Most popular blogs in the blogosphere are Technorati top hundred, top thousand, etc. This blog is not in Technorati.

But recently this monster continues to have problems there. Most of the time the Technorati website is down and shows only a custom message “Duh! The Technorati monster escaped again! We are trying to find it, back in a sec!”

When I first found it, Technorati was very appealing to me. With their green design and links with dotted underlines, it looked a very robust website. Also, it is based on the open source technology, and Technorati community contributes a lot to open source. But what happened now? At first it was a week long updation issue, during which it continued to show that the favorites were not available.

But when they got it right finally two days ago, it was not possible still to favorite any blog. It led to errors. Now, 90 per cent of the time, Technorati website is down and shows that stupid message.

Will they get it right any time?

BlogCatalog Rolls Out New Design

Here is the new design from BlogCatalog. If you are not into this community of bloggers, do sign up right away. It’s a wonderful place to get your blog known, and most of the members are very active unlike in MyBlogLog. It has a wonderful cool design now, with a blue theme and everything kept nicely away in tabs. Also, the menus have appeared on top. A Technorati-ish dialog balloon also appears. Maybe a reaction of Facebook’s announced profile redesign.

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